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 No wonder Wonder Woman wasnt picked up

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PostSubject: No wonder Wonder Woman wasnt picked up    Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:04 pm

Just watched the leaked pilot for Wonder Woman and i can honestly say im not surprised they didnt make a series...

Its not that Adrianna Pallick was bad in the role or looked wrong but the rest of the cast were poor to say the least and the script.... oh dear

The main thing wrong was the basis of Wonder Woman being a CEO of a large corporation and she publicly uses her amazon powers to fight crime at the same time ?? its as bad as Batman whipping out his credit card in the terrible "Batman and Robin" movie.... Oh yeah as well as running this corporation, fighting crime she also has a secret identity of Diana Prince who also has a job.......

I think its the same people who made the shocking Halle Berry Catwoman who made this .....


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No wonder Wonder Woman wasnt picked up
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