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 Walking Dead Season 2 and other TV shows im watching

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PostSubject: Walking Dead Season 2 and other TV shows im watching   Thu Oct 20, 2011 9:09 pm

Walking Dead

Just to let you walkers know that Season two of Walking Dead has begun and opens with a fantastic first episode Smile

Highly recommended viewing and one of the best tv shows out at the moment.

Terra Nova

Spielbergs Time travelling Dinosaur show is now on episode five and its enjoyable but misses the target on a few things.

1. Not enough Dinosaurs
2. Its very family PG level so dont expect scary thrills
3. I keep thinking its gonna be Avatar due to one of the main characters in it, good actor but wrong casting for this role.

Fallen Skies

Spielbergs alien invasion series one has just finished and its not too bad. At times its budget is limited so alien effects are sparse but it picks up towards the season end.


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Walking Dead Season 2 and other TV shows im watching
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