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 Firelands Raid-Trash Guide

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PostSubject: Firelands Raid-Trash Guide   Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:34 am

Updated 19/07/11

Seeings as it looks like there's going to be quite a few trash runs for rep/gear in the firelands I thought it would be a good idea to compile all knowledge of the trash into one thread to help people get these runs done as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Just so you know this is all based on what I've seen today and what little is avaiable on the internet at the moment, so If anyone notices anything incorrect just tell me in game or post and I'll try to update this frequently.


Molten Lords (Magma Giants)
1) debuffs tanks with reduced armour and a DoT, stacks. Tanks should taunt after first debuff then switch every time their debuffs fall off from then on.
2) Spawns rings of fire on the ground under random players that explode after a couple of seconds and knock you into the air. Move out of them.

Fire Scorpions
1) The main mob doesn't seem to have any special abilities, just tank'n'spank.
2) When the small scorpions die they explode, dealing 20k damage to everyone within around 6yards of them and debuffing them with 10% increased damage taken. Stacks. Melee should probably move away from these before they die and they can be AoE'd down easily by ranged. They get aggro on random players.

Giant Fire Turtles
1) You get a patriarch and then some smaller turtles. The small turtles will go into a crazy little tornado dance and chase their target, hitting 50k or so and knocking you back if you run into them or if they catch you. One tank should kite these as well as they can through ranged attacks/taunts while the other tank has the patriarch. ranged should kill these first and run if you get aggro as tank can't get close. Any slows on them will help.
2) The patriarch will shield itself, reflecting 50% of incoming attacks. One tank should be on this, aswell as all melee dps. Stop dps when they shield themselves as 50% dmg reflection is some insane damage (doesn't seem to be affecting me on my rogue, may be bugged)
3) Patriarch should be faced away from the raid as it has a conal breath.

Flamewalkers (the snakemen)
1) there are 2 types, ranged and melee. They are all cc'able (except maybe the big one) and so you should cc as many as possible, prefferably at least 2.
2) The tanks could optionally stack up in front of the mobs as the overseers have a cleave that splits damage equally among all targets, but on the other hand they also have a conal stun, up to you how you handle this.
3) Cauterizers have priority as they cast heals.

Molten Surgers
1) These guys charge at random players, dealing around 40k damage to them and all players within around 8 yards, and knocking them all back a bit. Everyone should do /range 8 and keep spread out to minimise damage taken.

Ancient Core Hounds (Core Hounds)
1) These have a frontal cone flame breath that does insane damage so tank should face them away from the rest of the raid. Second tank should stand at its side or back to avoid taking damage from the breath.
2) The tank with aggro will be eaten every now and then, and take 80k damage per second (Insane). optionally the other tank can now taunt and switch to old tank's position, but this doesn't seem necessary.
3) It fears every now and then, doesn't look like this can be avoided so just tremor totem if available, if not just deal with it Razz Make sure you pull them far back so as not to be feared into other packs of mobs.

Hell Hounds (smaller dogs)
1) These apply a stacking bleed debuff to the tank that starts doing insane damage as it gets high (I have heard that stacking spreads the damage, not sure though).
2) These are elementals so any elemental cc's will work on them and should be used.

Unbound Fire Elementals (those annoying guys with the fire AoE/90% reduced damage Razz)
1) there should be 1 big guy, and 3 smaller ones that have a 90% reduced dmg buff. 1 tank and all melee on big guy. other tank and ranged on smaller elementals. Tanks spread over 10 yards apart and ranged stay 10 yards back from their targets.
2) It seems that every 25% of the big guys health he casts 'ignite elemental' which removes the -90% dmg buff from an elemental and causes it to do large AoE dmg instead.
3) big guy casts ignite on random players doing large magic damage, i believe healers can dispel magic on this.

Cinderweb Spiders(various spider mobs)
1) Drones must always be faced away from the raid as they have an extremely long range conal spit that will do large damage to anyone in front of it.
2) Spiderlings must be killed ASAP as they buff the drone.
3) Drones and spinners will target random targets and spit on them, doing a little damage.

I know there's more but for now, that's all I know. If anyone knows more for any others just leave a post and I'll try to update. Happy Raiding Very Happy , Oversize

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PostSubject: Re: Firelands Raid-Trash Guide   Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:47 am

Awesome nice work mate !!


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Firelands Raid-Trash Guide
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